SED is the Austrian distributor of the German company VOSSLOH-SCHWABE founded in  1888.
Vossloh -Schwabe is one of the world's largest producers of electrical and electronic components for  lighting technology and offers an extensive and qualitatively convincing program . The numerous production sites as well as authorized distributors worldwide ensure a rapid response to the specific needs of the market and offer customer oriented solutions. The company produces all the components for lighting technology, including LED & OLED technology.

We offer :

  • LED (modules , circuit boards , power emitter and accessories)
  • OLED ( built in  lighting modules)
  • Lamp sockets of all kinds
  • Electronic and conventional ballasts
  • Ignitors
  • Capacitors for lighting
  • EMXs
  • Power supplies and control units for these product


SED is the Austrian distributor of the Italian company NEXTATECH (TEAM srl) founded in 1977. NEXTATECH is the innovative market leader for wireless lighting control via ISM radio protocol. All products are developed by NEXTATECH, are in Italian design and are originated from Italian ISO-certified factories: The ideal solution for upgrade of dimmable modern lamps without recabling and without elaborated programming. 

We offer:

  • Dimmers for constant-current-LED (Monochrom or RGB), constant-voltage-LED (Monochrom, CCT or RGB/W) and LV or HV lamps
  • Interfaces for electronic ballasts for fluorescent bulbs via 0/1-10VDC, PUSH-DIM or DALI control
  • Actuators for shutters, blinds and motor drives (up to 6kVA)
  • Light and motion sensors
  • Fixed radio transmitters and portable remote controls
  • App for tablet and smartphone


SED is the Austrian distributor of the Finnish company HELVAR founded in 1921
In the 20s Helvar was one of the pioneers in the field of wireless technology in Finland, and in 1980 Helvar began to develop electronic ballasts.

We offer :

  • Lighting control systems ( dimmer )
  • Electronic ballasts

SED is the Austrian distributor of the Belgian company EREA / NIKO founded in 1933.
EREA is a subsidiary of the Belgian Niko Group and one of the largest transformer manufacturers in Europe . Thanks to this  EREA has in the field of design and manufacture of transformers an unprecedentedly high level of expertise. Its  products  stand for quality, reliability and safety.
We offer :

  • Low-voltage halogen transformers
  • Components with LED
  • Power supplies for LED